Saturday, 7 November 2009

November the best month of the Year!

November is my favourite month of year not only because its when I get to celebrate my birthday on the 8th but you also realise its almost Christmas. So while I know I'm not getting on my birthday wish list, I still have a little hope that Christmas is only a few short weeks away :). So while I'm spending a very quite birthday with just the family this year (first time in about 6 years ha ha ha) I'm still really excited. And while there is someone I wish I could spend some time with I know its not gonna happen any time soon. I can only hope that a certain someone is at least missing me if only a little bit. November is great though we get to enjoy a good bonfire on Bonfire Night, My birthday on the 8th . This November I have managed to get a head start on my Christmas shopping, oh yes, Lisa has managed to almost all of her Christmas shopping done and we are barely into the month.

So while I would love to sit around all night I do have some serious birthday partying to do so must dash ha ha ha.

Lisa Marie