Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Why David Miliband Should Be The Next Labour Leader!

Every Tuesday (well starting from last week) I have decided to share my political views every Tuesday. This Tuesday's post is my personal views on why I think David Miliband should be the next Labour Leader (and hopefully the next Prime Minister).

I have said this before and I will say it again. Ever since there were rumblings that Gordon Brown was going to step down as party leader my first thought was David Miliband has got to be the guy for the job. I think David Miliband can be a strong party leader. David Miliband currently has more party endorsements.

You can hear what David Miliband's vision for the party is here.

I think David Miliband will be great as the next party leader, and god willing, the next PM for the following reasons:

He has experience on foreign policy.

Is the only person in the leadership running who can give David Cameron a run for his money.

As shown above he has clear views of where he wants to move the party forward.

He is youthful which will hopefully increase more younger voters voting Labour.

I'm sure other Labour voters all have there own views on who they think should win the leadership race. My vote is for David Miliband. For a brighter future.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Looking For Mr Right... Now!

I was recently watching something on the tv, and it got me thinking. Why do so many people settle for people they are too good for. All around us we have tv programmes, movies and books throwing at us unrealistic expectations of finding 'Mr/Mrs Right'. In most movies the girl and guy always end up together. In life though that's not always the case. You grow apart, the things you had in common seem to change and you become different people. I too have fallen into this trap. It doesn't make me big headed to think that I'm too good for someone. More learning from my mistakes. After all as we get older isn't this what is suppose to happen?

We all deserved to be wooed by that special someone. We all deserve to be happy. Sometimes though do we need to have different interests than that of our partner? After all we all need our own space. Next time you are looking at a guy stood at the bar, listening to someone who is making you laugh. Just look at them a little more closer. Instead of thinking 'is this the person I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with?'. Think 'is this person gonna be a fun person to be around?' We should all just live in the moment and not get so caught up in the future. After all living in the moment can be so much more fun.

Ok so I'm writing this post after having a thought the other day. I was thinking how six years ago I mentally made some thoughts of where I would be in ten years. Who I would be with. In this dream scenario I was happily settled down and professionally stable. But somewhere life got in the way and my wants and needs changed too. Someone you think might be great and the love of your life, might disappoint you. Suddenly your Mr Right has gone. So what I'm saying is this. Enjoy your life as it is. If some guy/girl is good to be around now just enjoy it. Eventually . 'Mr Right Now' will turn into Mr Right. And you won't have missed out on any of the fun along the way.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Top 5... West Wing Moments

I recently started re-watching some old episodes of 'The West Wing' from my DVD collection. So this Fridays Top 5... is 'West Wing' inspired. My Top 5 Moments from The West Wing.

No 1. The very end of season 2. The press has found out President Bartlett has been hiding that he has MS and they are all gathered to see if he is going to run for President for a 2nd term. The press are all wondering, the staff are all wondering and Bartlett puts his hands in his pockets. Through Leo his best friend and Chief of Staff we know Bartlett is the man we all love. Had any other song been added over the footage I'm not sure it would hold as much weight at it does. But every time I see the end of this episode I get goosebumps. Amazing how with two words can bring chills (and sad as I might admit a tear or two. God I'm such a softie.)
No 2. When President Bartlett tells Leo “I'm the guy in the office Leo. I'm the one going to be judged.”
No 3. Josh drops everything to be with Donna after she was in a car bomb accident in Israel.
No 4. The first season cliffhanger/ second season opener. Guns going off. The President has been hit. What's more when we come back we find (my fave character) Josh has been shot. Cue tears!
No 5. President Barlett's daughter Zoe gets kidnapped at the end of the forth season.
That was hard. If any of you guys enjoyed the programme what were your favorite moments?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

How Far Does Nick Clegg Want To Slip?

I have been reading some newspapers and blogs over the last couple of days as well as talking with some friends. It seems that a lot of people are sharing my feelings. That is the joke that is Nick Clegg.

                                                                (Photo Cedit: Independent.co.uk)
Six months ago the LibDem's were being viewed as a party with promise. A party with a strong and charismatic leader. A party going somewhere. What a difference six months makes. This once strong individual is now reduced to laughing stock and punch line. He is seen as being David Cameron's lap dog and weak side-kick. The Robin to Cameron's Batman, so to speak.

Now Clegg is hated more so by his party members and supporters, than he by people in opposition parties. The days following the election he was seen as the guy with all the power, now he is hated by almost everyone. It seems the only person happy with Clegg is Cameron. How ironic is that?

I've said it before and I will say it again. Following the election I always thought that Clegg was going to merge with Labour. Looking forward six months maybe even 12 months from now I think Nick Clegg will have either forced many of his party members to switch party loyalties, or will be forced out of his job.

***** In addition you might want to check out the following blog from Liverpool Lefty. Inspiring blogger ******

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Donate Today! Save A Life!

                                           (Photo Credit: FotoSearch)
Its been almost 12 months since I last gave blood. Last September I gave blood for the very first time. I have not been able to give blood again before this time after I was so ill at the beginning of this year.
I have been looking back at my reasons for giving blood from last year to this year. After someone I knew died of cancer this year I know she was happy to hear that I had donated blood. Cancer patients are some of the people who benefit from you giving blood.

More and more eligible people need to donate. This is one way you can give back and not have to pay a penny. When I was looking up online before writing this post I was interested to find what different areas of hospitals use blood. After all when you watch ER or Greys Anatomy they always seem to have a huge amount of blood at there disposol. So here is what I found out: Anaemia (Medical) 23%, Orthopaedics 14%, Haematology 15%, Gastro intestinal bleeding 11%, General Surgery 10%, Cardio thoracic surgery 6%, Obstetrics & Gynaecology 6%, Vascular surgery 5& and Urology 3%. That's a lot of different people all needing blood.

For anyone who wants more information or wants to find out where they can give blood follow the links provided. For UK donors. For US donor.

So here's hoping I don't faint again :)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rain Worked In Murray's Favour

Sunday night Murray Mania hit Toronto in the Rogers Cup. Another Murray v Federer face off saw Murray come out on top.
                                                          (Photo Credit: Xinhua/Zou Zheng)
While rain delayed the start of the match it obviously worked out better for Murray than it did for Federer. The Rogers Cup along with Cincinnati this week are really important weeks on the ATP tour calender. They are the big lead ups to the final grand slam of the year.
It would be unfair for anyone to say Murray isn't one of the favourites for this years US Open. Last week in Toronto not only was he the player we saw in Australia, but also beat two of the best guys out there to win his first title of the year. Not dropping a single set against Nadal or Federer not many people can say that.

So here's hoping Andy Murray has a good week in Cincinnati and carries this on.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

With a little help from my friends!

Ok so yesterday I was having a hell of a day with technology. My sky+ decided it had, had enough and was going to just, well go to sleep. I must admit I did drop a couple of 'f-bombs' along the way. I know, I know shouting and swearing is not going to make it work any faster. But who cares. It made me feel better. Ok it sorta made me feel better.
To make a long story very short it all started Monday afternoon when I was getting ready for work. My sky box decided it was going to go to sleep. So I unplugged it all and prayed that when I got home it would all be working fine. (In the past this has always worked.) Not this time however. Oh no. This time my sky box decided it was going to play silly beggars. Deciding I was too annoyed to deal with at 10.30 at night (and missing Chelsea Lately :( on E!) I thought I'll deal with this tomorrow when I've free all day. But no matter what I tried, and believe me I tried everything the 'help book' (yeah right) told me to do. Its then I saw my BFF K was on msn and since she too has sky, and is a hell of lot more tech savy than I am, decided to pick her brain. She advised to reboot the damn thing. Ok that sounds like a great idea. Have no idea how to that but sounds good. After all that always works with my laptop he he. So she told me what I needed to do. I did it still didn't work. It got to the point where bill in hand I started to dial the number for a helpline when what happens. The bugger decides to come off standby and start working. I swear my box just knew he was in trouble.
So yes in future once you have tried every available option I say start to dial the number of the helpline etc and I bet the thing you thought was broken will start to work. Honestly. Just try it.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Top 5: Places (in America) I Want To Visit!

Ok so I've only just come back from this years holiday and I'm already thinking about next year. But considering I've not been abroad since September 2008, I feel like I need to get on a plane. (This is in no particular order btw.)

No 1. New York:                                (Photo Credit: Terragalleria.com)
Since I haven't technically paid for this trip yet it's going to stay on the list. Next year I'm planning five days in NYC and I'm more than a little excited. I've become a bit of a travel channel junkie for programmes showing New York. With views like the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Broadway, and way too many to mention here. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

(Photo Credit: Google Images)
No 2. California (LA, San Francisco, Vegas):
LA was supposed to be next years holiday until I decided five days in New York would be cheaper than 12 days in LA. That being said I still want to go to LA and San Francisco at some point. They both look like exciting places to visit. Not to mention the sun factor. I don't know why but Vegas just looks so cool.

(Photo Credit: Google Image)
No 3. Washington DC: 
I like to visit places that have a bit history about them and DC defiantly has that. A couple of friends have visited the city and they have all recommended it.

(Photo Credit: Google Image)
No 4. Boston:
When my youngest brother went here a couple of years ago I was more than a little jealous. One of my very good friends is there at the moment. He two thinks its a place I have to visit.

(Photo Credit: artsjournal.com)
No 5. Chicago:
I first wanted to go to Chicago a couple of years ago. I've seen a couple of programmes showing the city and it looks a really nice place.

Hopefully over the next couple of years I'll be able to cross each of these places off my places to visit list. Do any of you guys know of any great places to visit out of the places I have mentioned? Do any of you know of places you would recommended that I have neglected?

Monday, 9 August 2010

Book Review Time!

I have chosen to do my first book review (which I'm hoping to make into a series) on the newest Jackie Collins book.

'Poor Little Bitch Girl' by Jackie Collins

While on my recent holiday in Wales, cut off from the outside world, I was able to read the latest Jackie Collins book in three days. Yes three days people. I'm not ashamed to admit, but reading the latest Jackie Collins book is a guilty pleasure of mine.
What I love about Jackie Collins's books is that each chapter centred on one of the main characters. This, I thought, made the story a lot easier to follow. But what I enjoyed more about this book was that it also included a member of the 'Santangelo' family. For anybody who hasn't read a Jackie Collins book before your missing out. You can't help but making comparisons though on who each of these characters could have been loosely based upon.
My favourite characters in this book were 'Denver Jones' and 'Bobby Santangelo Satanislopoulos' (I know a mouthful or what). Right from the start of the book I found these two characters a) the most like able and b) two characters I was bored of finding out more about. Denver is definitely a character any woman would want to look up to, as the smart hotshot attorney. And Bobby, well Bobby, is just a dream character to read about. (If its possible to have a crush on a fictional character he is the guy ha ha).
To set the story Annabella's dad (movie star Ralf Maestro) has been accused of murdering his wife. Along the way Denver Jones, Annabella Maestro, and Bobby Santangelo all cross paths. Three characters who's paths are going to cross again. Three people who are not the same people they were when they last knew each other. Meanwhile in what I'm choosing to call the less exciting B story we see Carolyn Henderson having an affair with her Senator boss in Washington.

But this story has everything you would want in a Jackie Collins book. Adultery, Sex, Hookers, Lies, Power and Betrayal. So sit back enjoy and get lost in Jackie Collins world. It won't disappoint!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Top 5: Most Annoying Things About Having Work Done At Home!

No 1. The Noise:
As I write this post it is halfway through week one and the drilling being done in the kitchen is directly below my bedroom. I'm excited to be going to work soon as it means I won't have to listen to it. The noise is even worse downstairs hence me retreating to my room with my laptop (since its too noisy to watch tv or listen to music).

No 2. Loosing A Room:
Some rooms you can afford to loose when having work done in the house. Rooms that don't require you to be in them as much. Or rooms you can substitute for another. When you are having your kitchen done it's amazing how much it messes things up. Not to mention the actual mess it creates.

No 3. Having To Change Your Routine:
When you are having any big jobs done inside your house, another big pain in the ass is the waiting around. This week between me and my mum we've had to share the staying in the house duties.

No 4. Not Being Able To Be Yourself:
We all do things in the house when we are alone. My personal fave is singing and dancing to my i-tunes (currently hooked on the glee soundtrack I know I'm sad). When you've got builders, electricians, plasterers and what what not in the house you can't do those things. Not without looking like a complete idiot at least.

No 5. Loosing Electricity &/or Hot Water:
This has been the least fun. Though not as bad as the noise. But when you are stuck in the house and then the work men tell you that they want to turn the power off in the house. Not fun. That means then you are stuck in the house and you can't watch any tv, listen to any music or even use the internet. Bad times.

At least at the end of all this we're gonna have a lovely new kitchen.

(Pics of the kitchen after the first day when the work men had taken everything out of the kitchen.)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

140 years...

I was surprised when I opened my e-mail today. I found out that the British Red Cross is celebrating its 140th birthday!
A few months ago I started donating money to this charity after the awful situation in Haiti. What I like most about this charity is that they help people abroad and here in UK.

At the time I was unemployed and was not able to give as much money I would have liked. You are able to donate as little or as much as you like. Now however things have changed.

After finding out the charity had reached a rather impressive birthday I decided to share with you guys some of the facts that I found interesting:

  • The first members of the British Red Cross consisted of 22 prominent men.
  • Florence Nightingale was a member.
  • The committee decided to give its first £40,000 to help sick and wounded soldiers of the French and German nations.

To find out more interesting facts about the early years of the British Red Cross check out there website.

Here's to many more years of this great organization and to many more hundreds of years to come. Happy Birthday British Red Cross!

Monday, 2 August 2010

A Family Holiday!

I have just spent the last week in Wales. With no internet connection and no mobile phone signal. I must admit that the first day was the worse. Especially considering it was rainy. But after the first day I decided to embrace the fact that I was cut-off from everywhere.

This was my first family holiday in about nine years. Just me, mum, dad and my youngest brother. Now then considering it was raining when we arrived at close to half past six in the evening, I did think to myself is the kind of weather I'm to expect for the next seven days.

All that changed however the next day. We walked from our beach (Oxwich Bay) and walked up hills and through forests to see this lovely view. While the weather didn't look so hot let me tell you it was!

On Thursday we went to 'The Mumbles' which was a pretty boring morning but still a change of scenery was nice. Me and my day also saw this gorgeous star fish.

 Friday morning me and my mum had a look round Oxwich castle.

 It wasn't a very big place but it was full of history. Both of the local area and Wales itself. Definitely worth the £2.50 to have a little look around.

Looking forward to next years family holiday now :).