Monday, 9 August 2010

Book Review Time!

I have chosen to do my first book review (which I'm hoping to make into a series) on the newest Jackie Collins book.

'Poor Little Bitch Girl' by Jackie Collins

While on my recent holiday in Wales, cut off from the outside world, I was able to read the latest Jackie Collins book in three days. Yes three days people. I'm not ashamed to admit, but reading the latest Jackie Collins book is a guilty pleasure of mine.
What I love about Jackie Collins's books is that each chapter centred on one of the main characters. This, I thought, made the story a lot easier to follow. But what I enjoyed more about this book was that it also included a member of the 'Santangelo' family. For anybody who hasn't read a Jackie Collins book before your missing out. You can't help but making comparisons though on who each of these characters could have been loosely based upon.
My favourite characters in this book were 'Denver Jones' and 'Bobby Santangelo Satanislopoulos' (I know a mouthful or what). Right from the start of the book I found these two characters a) the most like able and b) two characters I was bored of finding out more about. Denver is definitely a character any woman would want to look up to, as the smart hotshot attorney. And Bobby, well Bobby, is just a dream character to read about. (If its possible to have a crush on a fictional character he is the guy ha ha).
To set the story Annabella's dad (movie star Ralf Maestro) has been accused of murdering his wife. Along the way Denver Jones, Annabella Maestro, and Bobby Santangelo all cross paths. Three characters who's paths are going to cross again. Three people who are not the same people they were when they last knew each other. Meanwhile in what I'm choosing to call the less exciting B story we see Carolyn Henderson having an affair with her Senator boss in Washington.

But this story has everything you would want in a Jackie Collins book. Adultery, Sex, Hookers, Lies, Power and Betrayal. So sit back enjoy and get lost in Jackie Collins world. It won't disappoint!

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