Friday, 27 August 2010

Top 5... West Wing Moments

I recently started re-watching some old episodes of 'The West Wing' from my DVD collection. So this Fridays Top 5... is 'West Wing' inspired. My Top 5 Moments from The West Wing.

No 1. The very end of season 2. The press has found out President Bartlett has been hiding that he has MS and they are all gathered to see if he is going to run for President for a 2nd term. The press are all wondering, the staff are all wondering and Bartlett puts his hands in his pockets. Through Leo his best friend and Chief of Staff we know Bartlett is the man we all love. Had any other song been added over the footage I'm not sure it would hold as much weight at it does. But every time I see the end of this episode I get goosebumps. Amazing how with two words can bring chills (and sad as I might admit a tear or two. God I'm such a softie.)
No 2. When President Bartlett tells Leo “I'm the guy in the office Leo. I'm the one going to be judged.”
No 3. Josh drops everything to be with Donna after she was in a car bomb accident in Israel.
No 4. The first season cliffhanger/ second season opener. Guns going off. The President has been hit. What's more when we come back we find (my fave character) Josh has been shot. Cue tears!
No 5. President Barlett's daughter Zoe gets kidnapped at the end of the forth season.
That was hard. If any of you guys enjoyed the programme what were your favorite moments?


  1. Great list.

    I'd add the scene when there is a do for the press at the White House and there's a female right wing 'shock jock' who he takes apart with bible quotes (series 3 I believe). Brilliantly powerful scene.

  2. Yeah that was good :) There were way too many to choose from.


  3. True - I could never have got it down to just 5.