Friday, 31 July 2009


I recently had a very interesting conversation with a good friend of mine. Said friend and myself were minding our own business and having a nice little chat about friendships. We were talking about how for both of us our bestfriends are of the opposite sex. It then reminded me of a conversation i had with an ex a couple of years ago where he said that men and women, boys and girls will never be just friends. Someone will always want more. And while that may be true of some boys, alot of men can have very good friendships with women.

Now then said boyfriend at the time was over a decade my senior. So me and my friend got thinking. We came to the realisation that it must be a generation thing. We have been brought up where women are treated differently and expect to be treated differently. So me and my two very close male friends have a great relationship. We can both bounce ideas off each other and sometimes have very different ways of seeing things. We also both go to the other for great dating advice. I know that i will always be there for my best friend, because we've been through so much already, that at least I can always trust one bloke who not related to me by blood.
So bye for now and remember that friendships come in many different boxes, different sizes, different shapes but they all have the same on the inside. Honesty. Trust. Longevity.
Lisa Marie

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Be the person you want be, not the person you were forced to be at school.

I recently came across some old school photos and it got me thinking about how much we all change. How the people we were at school are different to the people we have become as adults. Now while we haven't grown up too much in terms of years a great many of us are probably hugly different to the people we (however you look at it) were forced to be at school. Now then I know personaly I was one of those people who just went by school under the radar. I wasn't the most popular but I wasn't seen as a 'geek' (or at least i don't think i was :)) And i never wanted to be the most popular, because at the end of the day even the popular people were seen in a way that you yourself didn't wanted to be labled. So i'm waffling on a bit so let me try and get back on track because its something we should all think about. I know i've changed a lot since my days at school. I was always kinda quiet and while I had a close group of friends that i hung around with i can honestly say that i rarely speak to these people now. And while the introduction of facebook is great for catching up with these old friends it also in a small way brings you right back down to the person you once was.
If you were to ask any of my friends the type of person i was at school I'm confident that will give the same answers. And while I do still hold these characteristics I have grown as a person as well. I'm not as shy as i once was. I wont just back down from a fight. I will always stand up for what I believe in even if nobody in the room agrees with me. So i'm slowly coming to the realisation that if i feel this way about my self other people have probably changed as well. So the next time i come across a old school friend i'm going to try and but in the back of my head the person they were at school, as they too have probably grown as a person as well.

We all have dreams of becoming the best possible version of ourselves so why not have a little faith. Be the best version we all deserve it. And never give up hope that our dreams can come true.

Bye for now.