Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Year!

Happy New Year!

Every year we make a bunch of resolutions that we are never going to follow up with. Its always the same thing, 'I'm going to loose x amount of weight', 'stop smoking' etc. Each year we are lucky if we reach the second week in January. So this year I'm setting myself some more resolutions, but with a bit of a difference.

So here are my resolutions for 2012:

- Stop letting other people influence my decisions.

- Do more charity work. (More on this next week.)

- Spend more time with my friends/actually have a social life.

- Start driving lessons. (I've had my provisional licence for 6 months now!)

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas and new year.

Lisa Marie


Friday, 25 November 2011

Top 5: Things I Loved About NYC

Okay so since my last post I have been on Holiday. Celebrated my birthday. Celebrated my mum and dad's 30th wedding anniversary and had my first official Ofsted grading inspection. That's a hell of alot of things. Hence my busy schedual. But I am back. So my first post back what better way to kick off a Friday than a Top 5 on Friday post.

No 1.) Rockerfeller
I loved Top of the Rock soooo much. I loved the whole atmospthere there. I personally think the views from Top of the Rock were better than Empire State Building. But thats just me. Here's a picture of me at Rockerfeller.

No 2.) Statue of Liberty
We did Statue of Liberty, 9/11 memorial, Battery Park and Wall St all on our first full day in New York. Statue of Liberty was well worth the 2 hour walk from our hotel opposite Madison Sq Garden down. It was also celebrating it's 125 birthday that week.

No 3.) Central Park
First of all central park in massive. Second of all it is soo beautiful.

No 4.) Time Sq/Broadway
At night Time Sq was super busy but if you go during the day the foot traffic feels like its almost half the size. Time Sq was litterally 5 minutes from our hotel.

No 5.) Elmo
Call me sad but having my picture took with Elmo was one of my highlights of the day. (It was also the day we went to Natural History Museum.)

Hope everyone is having a good Friday.

Friday, 21 October 2011


Busy is a word I have used wayyy too many times over the last few weeks. Tomorrow marks the official start to my holiday. Having had one day off since September when all the kids went back to school I have been working 7 day weeks. But it's all worth it. Monday morning I will be flying out of Manchester, UK and spending the next six days in NYC :)

I've had one free evening last Tuesday when I saw Wakey!Wakey! who have just finished touring the UK. They were ammmaaazing and they introduced me to Casey Shea who was openning for them so I now have some new music on my i-pod. You should definatly check these guys out!!

Anyway bye for now and I'll put pics up from my holiday when I return :) :)

Monday, 5 September 2011

In The Summertime...

Seven weeks today I'll be flying to New York. A girls week with my mum. A holiday we've only been planning for about 8 YEARS and that has changed destination around a dozen times. I still can't quite believe it. And I don't think I will till I'm stood there.

Until then enjoy some of my pictures of my holiday at the start of the summer when I went to Wales with mum, dad and gran.

2nd day of the holiday at Caldey Island.

Me being brave swimming in the sea.

Me and my mum on the last day.

Hope you've had a fun, relaxing summer.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Old So Soon?

I'm sorry I've not updated my blog just over a month. But the school summer holidays have been super busy. Working, spending time with my brother while he's home and working some more.

I've come to a conclusion. I'm working too hard and not playing hard at all. I came across this conclusion this past weekend. When you haven't seen a friend, a really good friend I might add, for months and not weeks. You know that you have to do something about.
I love both of my jobs. I really do. I just have to put as much effort into making time for my friends as I do my work. After all your only young once. And I really don't want to be that person who keeps letting her friends down. That's just not me at all.

I also need a non work related hobby. So I've started knitting again. I know, I know I'm starting to sound like an old lady. I'll tell you what though its actually very therapeutic and relaxing.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Hindsight Letter!

Having spent the last week in South Wales where they apparently have no internet connection, I was unable to spred the following news.

A couple of months ago I decided to take part in 'The Hindsight Letters'. Where people write a letter to themselfs by there teenage self. Here was my letter that went online last Monday!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I'll blog all about my holiday next week including a story involving some hot lifeguards!

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Holiday Shop!

In just under 2 weeks I'll be spending a week in South Wales with the family. Over the last 2 years it has become a new thing we do at the start of the summer holidays. Last year we had such a great time so we decided to do it again. This time we are letting my Gran tag along.

One of the best things about going on holiday though is the holiday shop. This weekend I bought two lovely new dresses.

I'm also doing a bigger holiday shop tomorrow :)