Friday, 25 September 2009

What did we do before computers & the Internet?

I spent the majority of the week stressed out as my computer had a esentially died, a sudden and un-expected death. I am glad to say I didn't loose faith ha ha and 2 day later, yes 2 DAYS LATER!!! I was able to fix the problem. Granted I had to call technical support and they basically told me to kill it, by wiping the the thing clean. Now then I have never and will never admit to knowing anything about technology. But I was very proud that I by the end of the week had managed to get my lovly laptop to the friend it once was. All on my own!

Now then for the 2 days I had no internet, MSN, e-mail et all. It got me thinking. How did we survive without any of those things before? Im old enough to remember a time where computers didn't exist, at least not to the point where every household had at LEAST on, and everything seemed so much more simpler then. Those were the days when you had to call someone on the phone if you were arranging a night out with friends or a date. If you had to write a letter to someone you had to wait a week before you got a reply, instead of in alot of cases now finding out the same day. So as a generation that is obsessed with electronic communication, is it any wonder when the simple act of a laptop no longer working we feel a little lost. On unfamilar ground.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

When Sport Stars Loose the Plot!

There seems to be a growing trend in sport at people totally loosing there cool. Some do it at when they are 2 set points off loosing the match. Some do it to force a substitution.

My case and point being Serena Williams in her semi-final match against wild card entry Kim Clijsters. There's no doubting that both Williams sisters are good for tennis as the sport very rarely comes across people who can have such a impact on the game. But the game also needs people like Clijsters who can push these people. So while I may be a little biased (being a big Clijsters fan) did Williams really have blow her cool quite so dramaticly? There are much more graceful ways to accept loss, to someone who has played better than you. So while it was possible the most crucial point in the match there ways to make linesmen/women understand your frustration. Watching Serena Williams loosing it so dramaticly must have have people remebering the days of McEnroe. Had hawkeye had been around in McEnroe's time would he be as remebered and loved by fans as much? We'll never know. While sports needs to enteraining does it really have to be at the point of someone not getting to celebrate a great win that Clijsters was robbed?

But I have never been good at playing sports so I don't know what it feels like being so in the moment, but sportsmen/women need simmer down a little. Go about things in a more dignified manner.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

My Good Deed for the week/month/rest of the year

Well the day finally came today. My day for giving blood. While I was super nervous about doing it, it is something I have been meaning to do for a while. I think everyone who can give blood should give blood. No matter what your blood type. All kinds are needed especially if you have a common blood type.

I first thought about giving blood years ago. This was when my dad used to donate on a semi regular basis. I have also expressed to my family members that I wish to be an organ donor come the day I'm no longer here (which hopefully wont be for a loooooonng time). But while I have always thought about giving blood I have never actually taken the next step. That was until my cousin's wife lost a lot of blood during child birth. It seems that this gave me the push I needed to finally go online and register.

So I have now given my pint of blood and hopefully that will help someone who really needs it. Lets just hope next time I give blood I don't faint like I did do today!!