Friday, 25 September 2009

What did we do before computers & the Internet?

I spent the majority of the week stressed out as my computer had a esentially died, a sudden and un-expected death. I am glad to say I didn't loose faith ha ha and 2 day later, yes 2 DAYS LATER!!! I was able to fix the problem. Granted I had to call technical support and they basically told me to kill it, by wiping the the thing clean. Now then I have never and will never admit to knowing anything about technology. But I was very proud that I by the end of the week had managed to get my lovly laptop to the friend it once was. All on my own!

Now then for the 2 days I had no internet, MSN, e-mail et all. It got me thinking. How did we survive without any of those things before? Im old enough to remember a time where computers didn't exist, at least not to the point where every household had at LEAST on, and everything seemed so much more simpler then. Those were the days when you had to call someone on the phone if you were arranging a night out with friends or a date. If you had to write a letter to someone you had to wait a week before you got a reply, instead of in alot of cases now finding out the same day. So as a generation that is obsessed with electronic communication, is it any wonder when the simple act of a laptop no longer working we feel a little lost. On unfamilar ground.

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