Saturday, 11 June 2011

Channel Flicking & Teen Pregnancy!!

Every so often I like to channel flick. Mainly on a rainy day. Today though I was just board :). Sure I had over a dozen things saved on my sky+ box that I could have (should have) watched. But oh no I decided to annoy the hell out of myself and channel flick. The result on this (rather boring) Saturday afternoon was a series of really terrible 'reality television'.

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Now then I have never been a huge 'Big Brother' fan. And I personally cannot stand 'Jersey Shore'. But what is really bad is the fact that these are not the worse ones out there. As anyone who has endured the c**p that is '16 and Pregnant' or 'Teen Mom' then you will understand what I have just put myself through. But this really got me thinking that who are these people who think that being on these type of programmes is acceptable and responsible behaviour. I remember a time when a teen pregnancy was seen as taboo and now it just seems more 'normal' and I think that is the wrong message being sent out to people. But who is really at fault here. Is it the people who appear and produce these programmes or is it 'us' the viewing audience. I mean if we didn't tune in to watch this c**p then they'd stop making them.

Anyway rant over!