Thursday, 19 August 2010

Donate Today! Save A Life!

                                           (Photo Credit: FotoSearch)
Its been almost 12 months since I last gave blood. Last September I gave blood for the very first time. I have not been able to give blood again before this time after I was so ill at the beginning of this year.
I have been looking back at my reasons for giving blood from last year to this year. After someone I knew died of cancer this year I know she was happy to hear that I had donated blood. Cancer patients are some of the people who benefit from you giving blood.

More and more eligible people need to donate. This is one way you can give back and not have to pay a penny. When I was looking up online before writing this post I was interested to find what different areas of hospitals use blood. After all when you watch ER or Greys Anatomy they always seem to have a huge amount of blood at there disposol. So here is what I found out: Anaemia (Medical) 23%, Orthopaedics 14%, Haematology 15%, Gastro intestinal bleeding 11%, General Surgery 10%, Cardio thoracic surgery 6%, Obstetrics & Gynaecology 6%, Vascular surgery 5& and Urology 3%. That's a lot of different people all needing blood.

For anyone who wants more information or wants to find out where they can give blood follow the links provided. For UK donors. For US donor.

So here's hoping I don't faint again :)

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