Thursday, 5 August 2010

Top 5: Most Annoying Things About Having Work Done At Home!

No 1. The Noise:
As I write this post it is halfway through week one and the drilling being done in the kitchen is directly below my bedroom. I'm excited to be going to work soon as it means I won't have to listen to it. The noise is even worse downstairs hence me retreating to my room with my laptop (since its too noisy to watch tv or listen to music).

No 2. Loosing A Room:
Some rooms you can afford to loose when having work done in the house. Rooms that don't require you to be in them as much. Or rooms you can substitute for another. When you are having your kitchen done it's amazing how much it messes things up. Not to mention the actual mess it creates.

No 3. Having To Change Your Routine:
When you are having any big jobs done inside your house, another big pain in the ass is the waiting around. This week between me and my mum we've had to share the staying in the house duties.

No 4. Not Being Able To Be Yourself:
We all do things in the house when we are alone. My personal fave is singing and dancing to my i-tunes (currently hooked on the glee soundtrack I know I'm sad). When you've got builders, electricians, plasterers and what what not in the house you can't do those things. Not without looking like a complete idiot at least.

No 5. Loosing Electricity &/or Hot Water:
This has been the least fun. Though not as bad as the noise. But when you are stuck in the house and then the work men tell you that they want to turn the power off in the house. Not fun. That means then you are stuck in the house and you can't watch any tv, listen to any music or even use the internet. Bad times.

At least at the end of all this we're gonna have a lovely new kitchen.

(Pics of the kitchen after the first day when the work men had taken everything out of the kitchen.)


  1. It's going to be so amazingly worth it when it's all finished but I more than understand the misery that has to be endured beforehand :) The last time we had work done on the house, I was stuck at home with a broken ankle - such a nightmare!

    (LOVE the Glee soundtrack btw!) x

  2. I certainly hope so :)

    (glad im not the only one who likes the glee soundtrack lol).