Tuesday, 24 August 2010

How Far Does Nick Clegg Want To Slip?

I have been reading some newspapers and blogs over the last couple of days as well as talking with some friends. It seems that a lot of people are sharing my feelings. That is the joke that is Nick Clegg.

                                                                (Photo Cedit: Independent.co.uk)
Six months ago the LibDem's were being viewed as a party with promise. A party with a strong and charismatic leader. A party going somewhere. What a difference six months makes. This once strong individual is now reduced to laughing stock and punch line. He is seen as being David Cameron's lap dog and weak side-kick. The Robin to Cameron's Batman, so to speak.

Now Clegg is hated more so by his party members and supporters, than he by people in opposition parties. The days following the election he was seen as the guy with all the power, now he is hated by almost everyone. It seems the only person happy with Clegg is Cameron. How ironic is that?

I've said it before and I will say it again. Following the election I always thought that Clegg was going to merge with Labour. Looking forward six months maybe even 12 months from now I think Nick Clegg will have either forced many of his party members to switch party loyalties, or will be forced out of his job.

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