Wednesday, 12 May 2010

May 2010 When British Politics Became the Never Ending Story!

May 6th was a historic day for British politics. It was the day we had a hung parliament. Who would have known on that Thursday morning when people were going out to vote, that the story would remain in the news cycle for the next four days. It was always expected to be a historic election. Many people (myself included) thought that the Lib Dem's were going to gain far more seats than expected. But nobody would have expected it to be the story that kept on giving.

The last time Britain had a hung parliament was 1974 way before I was born. Not forgetting this was a time when news was not a 24 hour phenomenon. You would be hard pressed to turn the television on over the past 4/5 days to not hear the words 'hung parliament' or to hear one of the three party leaders uttering the words 'for the good of the country'. We are also in an age of social media. Where people can voice there views online instantly. The likes of Twitter and Facebook made it possible for people to voice there opinions straight away, to the masses.

An even more historic day was 11th May. After joining forces David Cameron became Prime Minister. After a decade of wanting to take back parliament the Tories finally had the keys to number 10 again. Where Cameron looks to be less liked by the British public than Margaret Thatcher (1979 – 1990). Only time will tell if Cameron will mess up the country any more than it already is.

So while I am disappointed we now have a Tory government with the help of the Lib Dem's we must say 'Goodbye' to Gordon Brown. It was nice while it lasted and here's hoping Labour can come back even stronger in four years time.

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Lisa Marie

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