Friday, 30 April 2010

In Loving Memory...

Earlier this week an old boss of mine died. I was surprised at how much it upset me at the time. While she had been ill for some time and she had not been my boss longer, I was still shocked when hearing she had died. Me, my friends and work colleagues, at the time, all had fond memories. The same day a group was set-up on facebook and it was not a surprise to see so many people remembering her as the strong woman I too was proud to know. She was a great role model not only as a boss but also as a woman with an amazingly strong personality, by far the strongest woman I have had the pleasure of knowing. Everyone who knew her also had a lot of respect for her.

The saddest thing of all though is that she leaves behind a loving husband and young daughter. A daughter who will miss out on so many things a mother and daughter should experience. Being close to my own mum I can't begin to imagine what that would be like.

In loving memory of a woman who will be forever in our hearts, sadly missed by all of us. An inspiration to all of us.

Lisa Marie

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