Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Race for the Labour Leadership

On 6th May Labour no longer had the majority of votes to run the country. It soon became apparent that Gordon Brown was not going to be leader of his party for long. While I have always felt sorry for Gordon Brown, I too thought the party needed a new face.

David Miliband seems to be the frontrunner at the moment. I personally think David Miliband should be the most logical next party leader. He has been with the Labour party since 1994. Though wasn't elected to parliament till 2001. He also has the right mix of youth (44 yrs old) and experience (last Foreign Secretary). The most promising thing in David Miliband's rise is that he is part of a small group of Labour politicians known as 'Primrose Hill Gang'. These are advisor's and Labour politicians who were said to look beyond Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. And look to the future of the Labour party.

Ed Miliband, younger brother of David, is also seen as a good candidate. Though he is a lot less known than his older brother he too is said to be a member of the 'Primrose Hill Gang'. Ed Miliband seems to be the only person who can give David Miliband a run for his money.

Other candidates include: Ed Balls, Dianne Abbott and John McDonnell. All three are seen as key Labour party members. However they like the support from their peers that both Miliband brothers have inside the party.

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Lisa Marie

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