Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Day 3 A Never Ending Match

(Photo Credit: Prosport T. Hindley)

History was made today on court 18. The longest 1st round match being played. This is a week where we haven't had any rain.

Tuesday night saw Isner and Mahut ending play due to bad light. Little did the world know these two guys would still be slugging it out a day later. When they came on court at 12 noon little would they know that the following would have happened: England, USA and Germany all book there places into the next round of the World Cup, that they would brake records all across the sport, that they would have hit 196 aces between them (and still counting) and that gone 9pm on Wednesday night they would still have not finished this epic game.

In no other sport would you see two men still fighting to win. This proves what I have argued for years. Tennis players are the ultimate athletes. After playing all day these two guys are not showing any signs of ending soon. What's even more amazing is that neither of these guys have thrown up, collapsed or dehydrated while on court. I'd hate to be either of these guys shoulders after the number of aces these guys have shown us today.

So tomorrow is another day and hopefully these two guys will have finished their match. Oh yeah and apparently there's going to be a very special guest tomorrow. The Queen is visiting Wimbledon, her first time since Virginia Wade won, and that was 1977.

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