Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 6 Nadal Struggles While Murray Flies High

(Photo Credit: Aeltc - N. Tingle)

Middle Saturday is usually a good day at Wimbledon and this year was no different. With the weather hot hot hot it was a good day for tennis fans.

Nadal surprised everybody by going to five sets against Petzchner. He really gave Nadal a run for his money today, pushing the world number one to another five set match. What is it about this years Wimbledon that has seen the top three seeds dropping sets. Maybe they're confused because they have not had any rain delays. There were too many times during this match that I thought Nadal was going to loose. I know he has won the match, and Wimbledon before, but Nadal is proving this is not his best surface to shine.

Andy Murray oh yes. He's done it again and without dropping a set. After all the negative talk and play he was having before the tournament he has really been able to shine this year. I think Murray is playing some of his best tennis since he got to the final in Australia in January. His match against the French man Simon was supposed to be a difficult match but Murray proved once again why he is in the top four and deserves to be there.

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