Saturday, 12 June 2010

My Love Affair with Politics

I have been voting since I was 18. The year was 2001. I walked into my local polling station and cast my first Labour vote. Little did I know that voting would always be important too me.

I am a strong believer that everyone must vote. I think it's every ones right. Not just because I'm a woman and 60 plus years ago I would not have been able too. But because we are lucky in our country that we can hold elections and not be forced to vote one way or another. It also frustrates me when people complain about the wrong people being in power. These are the same people who never vote. At least by voting you know you have done your part.

As it is glaringly obvious. I am a Labour supporter. I will probably always vote for the party. I will listen to what 'Tory' voters opinions are, but will more often than not not agree with what they are saying. So the last few days twitter has been all a buzz with the labour leadership race. Including various 'twibbons' where individuals can show there support. I believe that whoever (and I'm hoping David Miliband) becomes the next Labour party leader has the chance to really make a difference.

For young adults (18 to 30) we have be more invested in politics. After all it's our future that is in the politicians hands, no matter which party you support. All that I ask is that we should all do our bit. If there are things you are unhappy with let your local politicians know. How else are we suppose to get our voices heard.

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