Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Day 9 And The Shocks Just Keep On Coming!!

(Photo Credit: Aeltc - M. Hangst)

After all the drama in the ladies quarter final people were wondering if the same was going to happen again. It sure was. With Federer out of Wimbledon does this mean the men's draw just got a whole lot wider?

Roger Federer the king of grass was certainly out played in his match on centre court. Berdych was on fire today. After winning the first set against the champion were we about to see a repeat of day one? It would be unfair to say Federer was playing badly. While this is true Berdych was also playing the game f his career (so far) and so the strange air at Wimbledon just kept on going.

Next up on centre court saw Andy Murray take to proceedings. It's fair to say that Tsonga was biggest person to get in his way he wasn't able to keep up with all Murray had to throw at him. It was a close first to sets. (A little too close at times.) But Murray did what he does best. He made Tsonga work hard and just kept on hitting till he couldn't take it any more. I'm really hoping that Murray can go all the way. Nobody deserves it more than him after how well he has played this tournament. I've seen him play this well since he got to the Australian Open final.

The other two semi-finalist consist of unsurprisingly Djokovic and Nadal. I was hoping Soderling was going to show the same kind of magic he showed at last years O2 however Nadal soon got back in the game. I think all of the men who are now in the semi's all deserve to be there. It's certainly going to make for a different men's final.

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