Thursday, 17 June 2010

England v Algeria Pre-Match Post

Ever since Saturday night England fans have been getting into a tizzy about there part so far in the world cup. Sure we drew against USA, a team everyone thought they would win, and sure Algeria won there opening match. But isn't this just what we do? Make life harder for ourselves?

It's safe to say Rooney wants to get his name on the score sheet. After a fairly mediocre first match I'm hoping he'll be the player we all know and love on Friday nights game. I'm hoping Gerrard plays with the same passion he was showing last week. Now then I know most people were unhappy with Green's goalkeeping skills against USA. However do you really want to end the guys international career before its even begun? I hope not. Fabio Capello has said he already knows who he is going to have in goal, and in true Capello fashion, we are not going to find out till match day. I'm hoping we're going to see Green walk on that pitch with his head held high. He played a good 2nd half.

The England team have to gell together more ahead of there match against Algeria. We know they can do it and so do they. I'm sure we are going to walk away from this next match as winners.

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