Thursday, 10 June 2010

England v USA Pre-Match Blog Post

(Photo Credit: Jamie McDonald - Getty Images Europe)

Steven Gerrard now has to lead England to victory. I must say that combined with Fabio Capello, England's no non-sense manager, I'm looking forward to World Cup 2010. Of course all this starts with England's opening game against USA on Saturday 12th June.

When you think about football, or soccer as the Americans like to call it, you don't automatically think of the USA. However that said this will be their sixth straight time entering the world cup. While their road to South Africa has not been a simple one they have fought hard for their place into the tournament. Having gotten to the final of the Confederation Cup 2009, playing Brazil.

Having not won a World Cup since 1966 England fans have been waiting 44 long years to lift that trophy again. Of course every four years England fans across the country get their hopes up only to get them trampled on year after year. We have some of the best players in Europe on the England team with many of them having success in Europe at club level. Though Capello has not yet released his full team, sports networks worldwide are confident it's going to be an England victory Saturday night.

So as we all look forward to the weekend ahead here's hoping our boys don't make me eat my words Saturday night. Here's hoping Capello can carry on with the discipline that he has done to get them this far.

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