Saturday, 5 June 2010

Four Girls, One Film, Lots of Fun!

Every so often you go on a evening/night out and it turns out to something so much more than you could have imagined.

That night for me and the girls was Thursday 3rd June. It was a first for all, four of us. Sat outside on a hot summers night watching a film in Manchester. The location Spinningfield Manchester city centre. The film 'Dirty Dancing'.

But what a great atmosphere it was. All sat outside some sat on deckchairs (or in our case camping chairs provided by Jen) and some were just sat on blankets. It was a night that had it all great company, drinking and not forgetting everyone getting up and dancing at the end. After Patrick Swayze's most memorable line “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” got a huge cheer off all the ladies watching. Not a single person was sat down once the title song started to play. Including myself and my friend Lisa singing along to '(I've had) The Time of My Life' at the end of the film.

Every Thursday they will be showing a different film. Some old like 'Dirty Dancing' some a little more up to date. For more information on up and coming films being shown just use the link below.

Now then we had a great time and I've been humming the songs since.

Lisa Marie

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