Monday, 21 June 2010

Day One Wimbledon: Sunshine & Great Tennis

(Photo Credit: Reuters - T.Melville)

Another year. Another two weeks of expectations. It can only mean one thing it's Wimbledon time once again.

I will admit I do love this time of year. The sun shining. It's great to see tennis played on the grass courts of Wimbledon. Who would have thought that on the opening day we nearly saw Roger Federer loose. Federer was really pushed in his match against Falla. Not many people would have thought the 'King of Grass' would be pushed to five sets. It's no surprise I'm not the biggest of Federer fans. I was really rooting for Falla to clinch the match and put Federer in his place. After all Falla played an amazing match. He should be so proud of himself at pushing the former world number one to a five set match. A match that was not easy, by any means, for Federer.

The same couldn't be said for my favourite lady on the WTA tour. Kim Clijsters didn't waste any time with her match today. It's great to see her back on the grass courts of Wimbledon. She's a top class player. A player, who doesn't seem at least, to make anything phase her.

So with day one of Wimbledon well under way here's hoping there are more great matches to watch. After all the World Cup is not proving to be all that exciting at the moment.

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