Thursday, 18 February 2010

why having hobies is good for the soul....

I'm a firm beliver that having hobbies and interests outside of your working inviroment is good for the soul. I also think its better for your health. I must add I am not basing this on any scientific knowledge, just a little common sence.

I may be basing this new found belief on the fact that along with my writting I have also just taken up on knitting and sewing. Before you ask I do not feel like I am turning into my 80+ year old gran I am in fact loving every minute of it. I have just started work on my 3rd scarf which is by far the best of the lot.

I cant wait till next month when I should have saved up enough money to buy a sewing machine I have got my eye on. For now though Im more than happy just seeing what I can make and hopefully it wont all be bad.

Lisa Marie

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