Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sometimes It's More Fun Being Single!

As my 27th birthday is fast approaching (next Monday FYI :) 8th Nov), I have come to the conclusion that my life is not all bad. I'm certainly in a better situation than I was 12 month ago (although not financially) and happier. - On the work front.

(Pic from a night out with old work friends for another friends b'day Oct '08 I think)

Unlike some of my friends I'm not tied down in a relationship that's going nowhere. Sure I'm single and would love to have that special guy in my life, but I'd rather be single than settled and unhappy.

For the first time in a long time I'm in a job that I actually enjoy and I'm happy to be working part time. Because this leaves me we some spare time to do the other things I enjoy like blogging and writing. - I find I'm much more creative when single :)

I'm seeing my friends more often. Be it just hanging out on a Friday night, Wednesday night quiz night or as something different this past Monday (as well as tonight) going to a comedy club in Manchester (more on this later in the week). - When in a relationship this is usually one of the first areas we tend to miss and we shouldn't, at the end of the day our friends have been there long before and will be long after any guy.

So next time you think everything in your life is pulling you down think about three things that you are able to do that you couldn't do before, or can now do 'cos you have so much more time.



  1. So true Lisa. It really helps hearing it though after you've been single for awhile.

  2. Aww thanks I know what you mean I been single for too long now but I see some of my friends in bad relationships and I think Mr Right will come around eventually :)
    Love your blog btw Leah it's like a guilty pleasure of mine ;)