Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World Aids Day!

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Every now and again I like to show you my readers, my views on a subject that I feel passionate about, or I feel needs a voice. Today is World Aids Day. Many men, women and children all over the WORLD are effected by HIV and Aids.

Even in 2010 Aids and HIV is still a taboo subject. Its not something people like to talk about. We have however moved on from 80's when it was still a new illness and one many were ashamed to talk about. (Though some people are still embarrassed and ashamed we now have a better understanding of the different ways people can be infected, its not just the gay community.) We have more resources via the internet etc to find out information on the matter.

I was looking at the World Aids Day website to get some information to share with you guys here are a couple that jumped out at me:
1.Myth: Only gay men get HIV: Over 34,000 gay men in the UK have HIV but there are also many heterosexuals living with HIV in the UK. And a third of people with HIV in the UK are women. Anyone who has sex without a condom or share needles when injecting drugs is at risk of HIV.
2.Myth: You can get HIV from someone who spits on you or bites you: There is no risk of HIV infection from spitting and the risk of infection from biting is negligible. With over 60 million people infected with HIV worldwide over 25 years, there have only ever been four reports of HIV being transmitted through biting, both instances occurred in extremely specific and unusual circumstances.
3.Myth: There is no benefit to getting tested early if you think you have HIV: Knowing early if you have HIV has two vital benefits. First, you can be evaluated for treatment even before symptoms appear. Generally, the earlier you start treatment the more effective it will be. Treatment today means that most people can live long, healthy and active lives. Secondly, if you know you are infected, you can help to prevent passing the virus on to others by practising safer sex.

For more myths and Stats click on the link to the website!

If we all just take a few moments to better understand this worldwide illness it can only be a good thing.

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  1. It's an important issue, thank you for bringing some of those myths to light.