Sunday, 12 December 2010

Is it a sign your getting old?

We've all had those great nights out. Those where we have drank too much. We swear we are never going to drink again. Until we start the vicious circle all over again. Well my sign of getting old didn't come in the form of alcohol. Oh no. MUCH WORSE. In work yesterday I noticed my first few grey hairs. Right at the top of my head for all to see. At 27 I'm far too young to be getting grey.

So my question to you guys is this, are you showing any signs of getting old? (Or is it just me :(  lol).

Have a good Sunday guys :)


  1. I find grey hairs sometimes... and I am only 22. I think I've had three or four total. I rip them out as soon as I see them.

  2. wow no grey for me yet - at 26. I hope I don't have that coming next year!! yikes!

  3. My grey hairs aren't sprouting but I have noticed that my new wardrobe looks like that of a 50 year old woman. I used to wear skinny jeans, cleavage showing shirts, and adorable little dresses.

    I now live in sweats, or if god forbid I have to go out in to public like to grocery shop or something I wear a baggy sweater and a scarf, and maybe if i'm feeling frisky i'll put on my loafers.

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