Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bad Friend/Bad Blogger

Ok so happy belated new year. Since my last blog post Christmas has come and gone. New Year was celebrated with two of my favourite girls. And worse thing ever my laptop had failed on me not once but twice in January. With the help of my lovely friend P I am now a hell of a lot happier.

So in one week two friends both needed me. Normally I am a very good friend and will drop things the minute the people closest to me need my help. I on the other hand this week feel I have let both of my friends down, and even more so, myself. One of my great qualities is my ability to listen to my friends when they need to vent. I was not without my reasons though. The problem with being that person to everyone is that when you need to be the 'venter' as well, is finding that other person to go to. So while the problems I have been going through, for the best part of 2 weeks, are nothing compared to other peoples, these are things that are getting to me.

As if being a bad friend wasn't bad enough. I also feel like I have been a a bad blogger too. When I saw that I have not posted a new blog post since 12 December I was shocked to say the least. I mean that was LAST YEAR. Anyway I am now back, with a fully functioning laptop. I will be back with my (semi-regular) and fave series on Friday. My Top 5... series.

So see you soon! ( Hopefully before Friday :) )

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