Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What Inspires you?

Its a new year and some new ideas for my blog. Over the coming weeks etc Wednesday's will become writing Wednesday. So to kick off this weeks writing Wednesday I've been asking myself this very important question. What inspires me?

You can look at this for many different ways. I was inspired for this blog series on a coach trip home from visiting my youngest brother at Uni. As a blogger. Life in general is my biggest inspiration. Things going on in my surroundings.

As a writer (in my stories I like to write) my biggest inspiration is my friends. Not so much for stories as events, but definitely for the characters in my stories. Over the years different parts of many of my friends (an enemies lol) have shared character traits with the people in my stories. Its probably why I get so attached to some of the characters in my stories.

So my question to you is this. Who inspires you? Be it as a creative outlet (blogging, writing, drawing etc) or just life in general. I hope you all have a happy Wednesday. I'm off to the pub soon for my Wednesday night pub quiz with the girls.


  1. My wife definitely inspires me. She sees only the very best in me and believes in me and supports me fully. Especially my dream of becoming a professional artist.

    As for my art, other artists inspire me greatly. I spend a few hours a day browsing deviantART and truly love when I find a piece that fills me with creative happiness.

    Sites like IKEA, WeHeartIt, Apartment Therapy, etc. inspire my inner interior designer and I have a passion for color and creation. For this, the Sims games also inspire me. To have every color and piece of furniture, to design and do with what I please.

    Games, especially First Person Shooters inspire me, especially for airsoft. I've actually learned a great deal about tactics from video games and it truly helped save my ass on the airsoft field!

    I find inspiration all over the place for blogging. From other bloggers, memes, pictures I see, pictures I imagine putting on my blog and so I go out and take them and so much more.

    I'm really inspired by life all around me!

  2. I had a music teacher for one year in HS... I wanted to be her from the moment I met her. She was fun, an excellent role model, and an amazingly talented woman. She has three amazing children, a happy marriage, and so much passion for family, love, life and music. That is what I'd like to be; her character, not so much the music anymore.