Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Do you tell people you have wrote/blogged about them?

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Carrying on from last week. 'Writing Wednesday' is here again and how quickly a week comes round. I was thinking this week (I know a dangerous thought) about how to answer this weeks question. It came down to how much did I want to reveal. About my friends and family. But more importantly myself. I came to the conclusion that the whole point of this blog is for me to be truthful. Like 100% so otherwise what's the point.


I have been writing stories (mainly for myself) for the best part of 17 years (and that fact has just shocked the hell out of me). I still have every story I have ever wrote since I was at school (though not for school). Needless to say that in my earlier writing the characters I was writing were on the whole from my imagination. It was as I got older that people I met and events around me started to have an influence both good and bad. There are certain people who have had a huge influence on my life and will always have a special place there. I feel that by putting a characteristic of there's in one of my characters is my own little shout-out to them. (Even if they don't know it.) With some friends and family it can be a tiny and probably unrecognisable characteristic. With some it's a hell of a lot more obvious. As a rule I don't like telling friends and family that I have based someone on them. I've had some friends who have asked and I have lied. Mainly because I don't want them to get person x and themselves mixed up. They are not the same entire person. Sometime it might just be a name I use.

As far as my blog goes friends and family can usually tell if it's about them or not. My friends know I have a blog, but I would never ask them if they had read it. If they have liked or not liked something they are more than happy to tell me. But its not something I expect. One ex wasn't happy that I had blogged a rather negative post about him (his name wasn't even mentioned FYI) and the truth is I didn't really care what he said 'cos at the end of the day he was a terrible boyfriend in hindsight. There are one or two men I feel very fond of and protective of and it's rare that you will ever hear me mention them by name. Namely because I respect there right some degree of privacy.

So my question to you guys is would you ever tell a friend or family member you have wrote/blogged about them or would you like to keep it to yourself?

Happy Wednesday everyone :)


  1. nah,i don't inform people or anything, but most of the time if i "blog about someone" it's just a casual mention. anyone who would be in my blog probably already reads it :)

  2. I connect to my blog via facebook, which means any guy who knows me (especially in a dirty way) has access to my blog and possible stories about the dirtiness. I no longer allow flings or flames access to my fb which means I can post freely (but still anonymously).