Wednesday, 23 February 2011

As a writer how do you prefer to do it?

Over the years my family and friends have often wondered why I need music on while I'm writing. The simple answer to this simple question is because it just helps. Music can really help you mentally get your head into a certain mood. That's why when I'm writing a certain part of my stories the mood that is called for, I will listen to the type of music that will help me write it.

I can't think of anything worse than writing in complete and utter silence. Even my blog I have to write with music or the tv on. 'Cos really there is nothing worse than struggling with what to write and being in silence. That just makes matters so much worse.

I need noise around me even if its simply people talking around me, music playing or some random advert on the tv.

So how do you guys like to write? Does music help? Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday :)


  1. Hello, I'm following you now.

    I like to write in complete quiet. I can't have anything changing my voice. Even having read a book within that day changes my voice so I try to get in the zone before I write. But I do like to play scenarios in my head and get the words all perfect before I start writing.

  2. I usually prefer silence... I'm that rare person who likes the noise inside my head (chaotic as it may be) far more than that of music, or TV... I do love nature though. Spring, summer, fall... I can write and read outside and never hate the sound of kids playing, lawnmowers, my dog barking at things. I love those real sounds. The life sounds. But I know I'm weird in this sense. Most people don't drive with the radio off either, and I know I do this more often than not.

  3. Thanks for the follow Kimberli.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with working in silence its just not for me but if it works for you guys then thats great :)