Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What is the hardest thing you have wrote?

Every Wednesday is 'Writing Wednesday'. This week's blog post, just like its title, was one of the hardest blog post's I've wrote. It's personal. I almost chickened out on writing it. So much so that I have shown this to one person before posting it. As I've mentioned in the last few weeks. Writing is personal. Sometimes it can help you. Sometimes it might help someone else.

So here we go.

Over the years I have got upset over killing off characters I have cared a lot about. You grow attached to these 'people' you have have created. But that was nothing compared to the story I wrote a few years ago. A story I wrote to get me through the worse time of my life. If it wasn't for an amazing support system and writing I'm can safely say I wouldn't be here today. As a way to cope with the crazy and nightmarish time, I was advised by a psychologist at the time to write it out. Express my feelings. Getting it out be it in spoken words or the power of the written word. Because writing has always been my passion. It was so therapeutic. Only one person has ever read it. I have never read it since I wrote it. And have no plans on doing so. Its the only story I've wrote that is not crumpled at the corners. Its also the story I am most proud of. Knowing I was able to get through it has made me a better person but it has also made me a better writer.

Anyone who has ever had to get through a bad situation be it a bad break-up, death whatever it is, write it out. Get your feelings out. If there is nobody for you to talk to write it.


  1. Hey Lisa,
    I cant agree with you more..Writing out something is the best way to expel angst..frustration..and fret..I do that almost all the time..

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