Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What I've been writing lately

Things have been a little crazy over the last couple of weeks. Things are really coming together, quickly, at work. More importantly though I'm just happier. (Probably because I'm financially more secure than I was this time last year.) But one of the things I'm happy about is that I've managed to get some different types of writing done.

Over the last fortnight I've managed to get my first guest post done. I'll tell you more about that later. (Its not being posted till July.) What I can say for now though is once I knew what I was going to do it became easy to write.

I've also been writing a private diary. Something I've not done for many years. Took me right back to feeling like a teenager again. (Without the moods :) and homework though.)

I've also been able to find my love again for blogging. At the end of last year and start of this year I was really starting to fall out of love with my baby, my blog. But I've been enjoying it a lot lately and I think I think it shows.

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday. I'd love to know what you guys have been writing lately.

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