Monday, 17 August 2009

Do gentlemen really prefer blondes?

I dyed my hair last night. It got me thinking, when ever I have been a blonde I have always wanted, and always loved going back to my more natural colour, chesnut brown. I feel better in it. My mum though said I always want to change my hair colour drastically when I come off a breakup or when Im in the mood for a change in my lfe. While the first can be classed as sort off true, my dear mum was deffinitly right on the latter. Im deffintly going through some changes at the moment and I personally always feel better after changing my hair, so since I am very happy with the length (for the first time in ages) a change in colour may be just what the doctor ordered.

So while there have been many iconic fabulous blondes that have been many a boys fantacy for years, brunettes have a certain elegence about them.

So now I will have no come back to all my stupid 'blonde' moments. And FYI yes I did use L'Oreiele 'cos "I'm worth it." Happy weekend people.

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