Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Does Life begin at 25?

I must admit that this latest post was inspired by a post by my good friend Miss Mulhall. When we are younger we alwys thought that our life would begin at 18. Its when your old enough to vote, your first classed as an adult. But I don't think thats really the case.

I think life begins at 25. Now then I'm not just saying this because I'm 25. At 25 you've finnished the accedemic side of your life, if thats the route you've chosen to take. You start to become the person you are going to be as an adult. Weather you choose to be career orinated or weather you choose to become family orinated. Now then thats not to say if you start a family you dont want a career and vice versa. But when you are in your 20's you definitely experience different things.

I am much happier in my 20's than the teenage version of myself. I think you become more comfortable in yourself, because you've experienced more.


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  1. Lisa i find life to be full off contradictions and everyday and you never stop learning about people. you will find if not already figured it out yet life is not as straight forward as it once was or as you where told it will be, and no one can map out there future, they may have goals but they always change through out their lifes. I Guess life is a race you never want to win, so take your time we're here but for a sort time and enjoy the happy moments along the way..