Monday, 24 August 2009

Therapy in the written word.

I take great pleasure in writing. I love everything about the written word and the power the written can have on an individual. It has come as no surprise to me that (in my eyes at least) my writing as improved a lot in the last couple of months. Writing for me has always at the heart been therapeutic.

If I look back at the first 'story' I wrote, im not surprised that the adolescent version of myself was fighting for my voice to be heard in the crowd. I have never been particularly outgoing by nature (though that has changed the older I have gotten) and I think my writing gives me the freedom to do that. The more I have experienced in my life both the good and the bad, has also made me both a stronger writer and person because of it.

When I'm telling a story I can get deeply invested in the characters. It comes as no surprise to me that at least one of my characters in all of my books is, however loosely, more often than not channelling my outlook on life at any given time. Sometimes its a positive character trait, but sometimes it can be a negative, depressing character trait.

It comes as no surprise to me then when reading through my book I have been writing over the last couple of months, that I feel I am doing my most positive and best writing I have ever read by myself. For the first time in months I am truly at peace with myself. And while I admit that I am jealous of my leading female character I think that has more to do with the fact that I know its not beyond the realm of possibility. The possibility that there is someone out there for everyone. As I have mentioned earlier I am treading on new ground with this story, but I feel creative. I feel happy. I feel that good things can happen. I feel that life and not everyone wants or can see the negativity. That is certainly the case for my two leading characters.

Dreams only come true if you are willing to have a little faith in yourself.


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