Friday, 14 August 2009

Negativity is a 10 letter word!

The power of possitive thinking has taken hold of me today. That has much to do with my wonderful 'date' last night with a close friend. We both came to the connclussion over vodka and Jack Daniels that, by waiting around possitive things are not going to just fall into place. Sometime removing the things that are depressing, or the people who hold you down is the first important step in making you feel positive. Everybody has those people in there life who always make you feel bad about yourself. Some come in the forms of romantic partners, some in the forms of friends, and some come in the form of work collegues.
While it isn't possible to be able to remove all of the people who bring you down, sometimes you have to look at how things can be improved, limit the time you spend with that person for example. Again some people you are best cutting out of your life completely. Those people who say they are your friends but continue to make you feel either like a child or make you feel that you are in some way a lesser citizen to them. These are the people who you dont need around. I can guantee the outcome will only be good. Sure you might loose a large number of friends but is it really worth feeling down and depressed by so-called friends. No its not. You are never going to be able to change these people, so the best thing for you to do is be the better person and not put up with that anymore.

In your 20's you should be living your life to the fullest and while our parents are from a different generation, and dont understand how things work as a 20 something in 2009, we must look out for ourselfs and be the people we want to be and not the people our 'friends' 'lovers' 'collegues' think we should be.

Everybody deserves to be happy and nobody should pretend to be someone else. Its what makes us unique.

Lisa Marie



  1. i completely agree think thats why i had a hard long look at some people the other day and thought if they could not be bothered about my feelings why should i be bothered about them and if do i really want them in my life. Think that was why the big massive FB and msn culling off useless friends and peole i once knew. There are some you just dont want in your life and some people you dont want to get to know what you are upto 24/7.

  2. True John very true indeed. -x-x-x-

  3. I love love love your blog.
    Its one of the best things we could ever do for ourselves is completely cut out the people that are just negativity in your life.
    There always comes a point in everyones lifes when we decided on what kind of person we want to become. As discussed we both are very much people pleasers - which isnt always a bad thing.
    However, like I've told you the story from my past at uni when I had a person that brought me down so low, I allowed myself to believe that I was a victim. I was faced with a choice, a folk in my life and I had two roads of which to choose - become a victim and believe I was never worth anything or I could be strong, stand up for myself and realise, I deserve better than this.
    Sometimes its hard to tell between who is friends with you because of you and people that are friends with you because they want something - such as status, money, property, belongings and sometimes even sex.
    Its heartbreaking as you think to yourself 'as a 20something' you should be able to figure out these people by now. I've started to realise, people will always come in and out of your life - no matter what age you are, you just need to know who YOU are and not change yourself to make another person happy.
    Your life is your own, no one and I really mean this, NO ONE can tell you what to love, like, feel or even tell you how to behave.
    Believe in yourself and know that you deserve all the goodness life has to offer...
    Very good blog indeed Lisa x x x

  4. Thank you Mulhall. What can i say you bring out the best in me :). You make me realise my full potential lol.

  5. Thats what a friend is supposed to do : ) x x x