Sunday, 11 July 2010

Age Is Just A Number!

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I was reading something recently about dating people older (like a lot older) and the stigma that is attached to it. This kind of thing really dose my head in. For a few reasons. Not only because I too have dated someone older (ok maybe more than one). And that kind of narrow-mindedness really annoys me. Here's why:

What does it matter if a guy is a year older than you or 15 years older? At the end of the day if you as a couple don't think it is a problem then other people should just mind there own business.

Nobody ever has a problem when some 50+ old fella is dating someone in there 30's. Why should it be a problem for someone in there 20's to be dating someone in there mid 30's? It shouldn't.

As long as both parties are consenting adults it shouldn't be a problem. I don't think somebody who is 15/16 for example should be dating anyone in there 20's. Just so we're clear.

The only thing people should consider when dating somebody with a 'big' age difference is do you have things in common? And really people should only date people they share common interests with or enjoy being with. Age shouldn't even be a factor.

From my experience age is just a number. Sometimes its higher, sometimes its lower. Whatever it is it isn't really anybody's business but the people who are dating. As long as they are both happy together and enjoy being together what does it matter? Your the two people who are dating each other. Only you know what your relationship means/is. Sure the relationship may not go the distance but as long as you have fun along the way isn't that what dating is all about. Isn't that what matters.

So the next time you think a guy/girl may be too old or too young just think about the above. You may be missing out on the love of your life just because of what other people/your friends think.

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