Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 13 Nadal Makes Sure There's No Surprises Today!

(Photo Credit: aeltc - N. Tingle)

It's Sunday July 4th and that can mean only one thing. It's the men's single final day. For the first time in nine years Federer was not one half of the draw. Is this the start of Nadal's reign at Wimbledon? Only time will tell.

Two men set foot on centre court at just after two o'clock. One one man would be leaving the winner. That man was Rafael Nadal. After the first couple of games it looked like Nadal was going to have a fight on his hands. After all this was a guy who has beaten the world numbers two and three to get to the final. Unfortunately for Berdych Nadal was playing some of his best tennis. Berdych was just not allowed to play his best game as Nadal had the Wimbledon title firmly in his sight.

So now the end of another Wimbledon championship is here. A tournament that has seen records made, champions fall, 54,000 balls used and NO rain!! If there is one thing you can't say about Wimbledon 2010 it's that the tournament has been boring. So here's hoping we have another exciting Wimbledon next year.

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