Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pet Peeves

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I was thinking the other day about pet peeves. It got me thinking. My own pet peeves are not that bad compared to other peoples. So below are a list of my pet peeves and why they drive me crazy!

No 1. All my notes have to be facing the same way and in order:-
This started a few years ago when I was working at a shop. It must have been around that time 'cos I can't think of why it would bother me before that. It annoys me a lot when notes are not all facing the same way, the same way up and in order of value. It just makes sense to me that to be more organised and to find something more easily they should be in the correct order.

No 2. People not saying thank you when you open/hold the door for them:-I think this has got to be my biggest pet peeve. I mean its just polite behaviour. If someone opens or holds back a door for me, I always say thanks. What is a little kindness out of your day to just say 'thanks' in passing!!

No 3. When people borrow something off you (with out you knowing) then put it back in the wrong place:-Let me start off by saying it's not the borrowing that annoys me. Its when it gets put back in the wrong order or wrong place entirely. All of my dvd boxsets are all in order. (Surly it makes sense to put season 1 next to season 2 and so on.) Now then my book are a little different. Unless they are part of series of books, my books will be put on my self in author order. (Again this can't just be me surly??) What is the point in having multiple books by different authors and them just being put a shelf willy nilly??

No 4. When parents can't control their children in places people go to relax:-I know kids can be a pain in the ass. But there is nothing worse than when you are sat in a restaurant or places like that and a child on the next table is playing up. It annoys me even more when the parents just sit there as though the child is doing nothing wrong. Can these people not see the child being horrible or are they not care about people around them?

Do you have a pet peeve or something that annoys the hell out of you that other people find strange, weird, petty or all of the above??? :)

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