Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My Top 5: Shops For Clothes/Accessories Online & Out 'n' About.

My Top 5 Shops For Clothes/Accessories Online & Out 'n' About.

I'm not known for being terribly girly. That's not to say I'm a tomboy either. I see myself as a good mix somewhere in the middle. Sometimes I like to hang out with my guy mates, sometimes I want to do girly things with my fave girls.

Anyway I recently cleared out my wardrobe and decided to buy myself some new clothes. So I decided to use one of my Top 5... posts on my fave places to shop. So here we go in no particular order:

No 1.) ASOS:
I have said it before and will probably say it again. I love ASOS. I think I love ASOS more than a girl should love a online clothing site. Here are some of my favourites: Blue Chiffon Bubble Hem Bust Dress, TFNC Tie Waist Detail Shorts, and ASOS Best Friend Forever Vest.

No 2.) Primark:
Ok, ok I know its a huge buget shop. But with the world in a recession what's a girl to do. I must admit though there are some great finds in there. And affordable.

No 3.) River Island:
This is my absolute favourite place to go to for jeans. I have yet to buy a bad pair of jeans from this shop. What else I also like from here is the accessories section of bags and purses. I tend to buy stuff from here that goes in my everyday wear section.

No 4.) Debenhams:
I love this shop so much. I always manage to get a nice dress from here for every special occasion. Weather its a nice going out dress for a wedding or a night out with the girls this place has something for everyone.

No 5.) La Senza/Ann Summers:
Ok so technically these two are lingerie. As my friends will vouch no shopping trip with me is complete without a little lingerie shopping. I have a problem. At least I know I have a problem though. I just have to approach either of these two shops and my bank card starts to get scared. Very scared. To the point where I have more draws of the stuff than most shops have. But oh well. Somebody has to keep them in business he he.

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  1. I mention this far too often to be able to claim to be ashamed, but I love Accessorize. Only it doesn't really cater for me. OK, I know it's clothes per se, but I think it deserves a spot in your top 5.

    ALSO, from a bloke's point of view I really like River Island, but they have a tendancy to ruin great cloths with unnecessary frills, like big letters across the back, or random buttons that don't do anything. It upsets me.