Monday, 12 July 2010

My Top 5: Things To Do On A Lazy Afternoon!

This weekend boy have I been lazy. Like really lazy. So while I was twiddling my thumbs Sunday night it got me thinking. Why not write a blog post about it. So I have decided to do a series of Top 5... blog posts over the coming weeks or so.

After all everybody does it. Some people do it alone. Some people do it with their boyfriend/girlfriend. And others do it with their pets. But at the end of the day its something we all do. So find below 5 things I love to do when I'm having a lazy weekend:-

No 1.) Sitting around watching a dvd box-set.
Its not something I do every weekend but every so often I love to just lounge around watching one of my many dvd box-sets. Sometimes it can be a new one (Criminal Minds). Sometimes it can one I haven't watched for ages (Prison Break).

No 2.) Surfing the net looking for new blogs to follow/clothes to buy.
I spent this Saturday just gone looking for new blogs to follow. Before I knew it most of the day had gone by :). I also like looking online for clothes as well and absolutely love looking on the ASOS website. They have some great variety of clothes weather your looking for something to wear during the day, or a new dress/shoes etc for a night out with the girls.

No 3.) Reading a new book or an old book off my bookshelf.
I am a huge bookworm. I have long lost room on my bookshelf for some of my newer books. I've currently got on my to read pile: 'Poor Little Bitch Girl' – Jackie Collins, 'I, Alex Cross' – James Patterson; and 'Club Dead' – Charlaine Harris.

No 4.)Watching really old movies either off the tv or from my DVD collection.
Its true what they say. They really don't make movies like they used to. I love sitting in front of the tv on a lazy/rainy afternoon watching old Humphrey Bogart/Alfred Hitchcock. There is a reason why its hard to find a film today that you would call a 'classic'. I think the main reason is because movies today you have to have special effects and what not to even get made. Back then though it was all about the characters and the story.

No 5.)Listening to my music collection while reading through magazines.
This is something I have not done for a while. Maybe the next time I decided to have a lazy day I'll do it. I have a pretty wide variety in my cd/i-tunes collection depending on the mood. Sometimes I'll listen to Rat Pack/Frank Sinatra collection, sometimes I'll be more in the mood for something along the lines of my Dashboard Confessional collection.

I'd love to hear what anyone else likes to do when they have a lazy day/weekend :).


  1. I just love a lazy weekend... and staying in your PJ's nearly all weekend!

    Have you sat through a box set of 24??? It's soooo addictive!!!


  2. Hey
    I have it's the only way to really enjoy a 24 boxset. With other boxsets you don't really have to watch them in order but 24 you have to lol.


  3. I love weekends like these! In fact, I haven't had one in far too long so it's about time I fixed that :)

    I haven't seen Criminal Minds or Prison Break, although I've heard that Prison Break is really great... I'm guessing you like your crime-related shows! Have you seen Bones? I've watched up to season 4, waiting for 5 to come out over that show so much!

    C x

  4. Hey Cat
    Your a girl after my own heart lol. I love Bones (and crime drama's in general) got season 1 to 4 on dvd waiting for season 5 on dvd in Nov lol. I'm such a geek ;)