Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My First Love That Never Let Me Down... writing :)

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I recently spent an afternoon clearing out the family garage with my mum. I was surprised at some of the little gems we found. Some of the things have been there since we moved house five years ago. As anyone who has read my blog before knows I love writing stories. What might surprise you is that in one way or another I have been writing stories as a child at Primary School.

Some of the short stories were things I wrote when I was no more than eight years old. While the punctuation and spelling were not great (to this day my spelling has it's moments) it's been funny to look back on. I always thought my love of writing stated at Secondary School. It was where I remember writing stories that went on for pages and pages. At 13 I remember the class being told to write a story for our English homework. Everybody else in class did a story in two maybe three pages long. Mine was handed in at 13 and a half pages long. I remember my teacher at the time commenting how long it was. It has always stuck with me the encouragement she showed me. In hindsight I believe that it was her encouragement that made me carry on writing stories in my spare time. I still have every story I wrote growing up. I found them all in the back of our garage. Of course the older I got the longer the stories got and most of the stories that followed exceeded well beyond 100 pages.

As a child my mum said I used to love being told stories. Weather they were being read from a book or my grandad making up stories. My (late) grandad was huge influence on me growing up and he always believed that I had a talent. My grandad always had a great story to tell. I like to think that I get that off him.


  1. I've loved writing since I was little also. It's awesome that you still have all of your old stories! Isn't it so therapeutic sometimes to be able to just spill your thoughts out on to a page?

  2. Hey Lacey

    It so therapeutic I can't begin to tell you :) I love it so much. When I was a teenager I wrote some stories (like over 100 pages lol so like books ha ha) so i've been having a read of them since I found them. Though I can tell I'm a better writer than my 15 year old self ;)