Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Gordon Brown's Next Chapter.

Every Tuesday at 'Inside My Mind' is politics Tuesday. Now then I've noticed as of late I seem to have been doing a little bit of moaning. My apologies. I was reading online today about what plans Gordon Brown has since May 2010 he stepped down as Prime Minister paving the way for the Cameron/Clegg fiasco we have been living through since :(.

It seems Gordon Brown is going back to the education side of politics. From 20th September he will be guest lecturing at Harvard University. I personally think this is a good thing for Gordon Brown to do. I know he was never a popular labour leader, however it seems from interviews and programmes I have seen, he has a good political mind. Here he can share his views on international politics, to the newest generation of political minds.

Gordon Brown was never going to follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair as they seem like very different people. Gordon Brown it seems is instead following the educational and charity route post Prime Minister.

I think this is a nice story of a Labour Party Member in a positive manner.

(As a side note any Labour Party members who have yet to vote for the next leader remember David Miliband is the face of the future :) none of the other's in the running will give Cameron a fight in the next General Election.)

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