Monday, 6 September 2010

What Does Your Fave Shows Say About You?

My mum turned to me the other day while I was watching tv. She asked me if I watched anything 'Normal'. It got me thinking about my favourite tv series. I'm definitely a fan of the crime solving drama. Here are some of my favourite programmes that according to my mum means I am NOT normal :(

Criminal Minds


The Closer

(New Edition) Dexter


Lie To Me

If you look at my favourite shows it either looks like I'm really sick and twisted :) or as I like to think of it, I like a good who done it. As I mentioned above my mum thinks my choice in tv is not normal. But this is coming from a woman who's favourite show was 'The Golden Girls' lol.

What are your favourite tv shows? What do you think it says about you?


  1. I love the Real Housewives franchise...and, um, other than that, I don't watch a lot of new TV. (Today I've been watching reruns of 7th Heaven and the Housewives a thon. I don't know what that says about me!)

    I used to watch, when it was on, the Sopranos. Does that make me sound slightly more normal? :D

  2. I started reading this and thought I'd suggest lie to me, but you already watch it! I love that show and Dexter. Have you tried fringe? I haven't seen it in too long becaus eI lost all my shows because of a server crash (ugghh...) but i am so in love with what I've seen.

  3. Sadako I think that does actually make you more normal than me :)

    Denise I do love Lie To Me I was introduced to it by a friend and I have 2 of my friends watchin it lol. I have tried Fringe was a bit confussed at first when watching it but then I really stated to get into it :)

  4. When it was one I was obsessed with Nip/Tuck... so that can't be good, haha.

  5. I have currently fallen in love with White Collar and Veronica Mars.

    You have a great list! I love Bones, Lie To Me and Dexter too!

  6. Guilty of Gossip I know what you mean I was really into Nip/Tuck for a while :)

    Missy its like your looking at my tv planner :) I got into white collar the last 4 eps or so of the first season and loved it. Not sure when series 2 is on in the UK! Veronica Mars was always a guilty pleasure :) I think Kristen Bell is a really good actress though :)


  7. I love all those shows too, especially NCIS. My family is always makin' fun of me even though they watch the same shows!