Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Phone-Hacking The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every Tuesday here on my blog 'Inside My Head' I'm going to share my views on a political story. This Tuesday is all about Andy Coulson and his phone-hacking.
                                                     (Photo Credit: rex Independent.co.uk)Many people are comparing this phone hacking with now infamous 'Watergate'. Now then I am by no means old enough to remember 'Watergate' but just the sheer mention of that 9 letter word people of all ages know what you are talking about. This story is not as globally infamous. At least not yet!

Instead of recycling this story, thanks to a New York Times news article. The bigger question people should be asking is how Andy Coulson was able to get a job under the new government. The fact that Andy Coulson is 'willing' to meet with the police on the matter voluntarily doesn't really help his case, at least not from a public perspective. Many people found that his resignation from his post as Editor of the News Of The World was a strategic decision. Both by the newspaper and the Conservative party.

During a time when public opinion on the Conservative party could be a lot better for a new(ish) party in power. They 'should' still have that winning glow and likeability, however not many people seem to have been since they came into power. The Tories just seem to be the gift that keeps on giving. Not a day goes by that one story or another is coming out showing them in a less than favourably light. It makes you wonder who is doing the hiring over there.

Now then I agree with MP Michael Meacher (and my local MP for Oldham West and Royton) when he tweeted that only a public enquiry will clear the air. For more on this story check out fellow blogger and twitter friend :) 2me2you2me.

Hope your all having a good Tuesday.


  1. Ohhh, no wonder I have no idea what you're talking about-- it's British politics! I thought at first this might be about Rod Blagojevich, who was phonetapped and is still being investigated.