Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Labour 2010

Every Tuesday is politics Tuesday here at 'Inside My Head'. This week's blog post is my thoughts and feelings on what has been a long few months. The race for the Labour Leadership.

                                                      (Photo Credit: Zimbio from Day 2 of conference.)
As I mentioned in my blog last week there was still 24 hours to cast your vote (if you were a labour party member or union member). Well everything came to an end on Saturday evening. The time was 5pm. The place was Manchester. A couple of months ago I had every intention of applying for a ticket to conference, however a new job and training course, made me have to cancel that thought. So at 5pm on Saturday my phone starts to vibrate in my pocket at work. Just as I am about to open the message a handful of other messages comes through. The new leader of the Labour party has been announced. It is a Miliband. However it is not the Miliband I had voted for. It was his younger and slightly less well known brother Ed Miliband.

I was a little disappointed to say the least. For a while I have believed that David Miliband was to be the future of the Labour Party. What is even more disheartening is that there was 1% difference in the votes. It wasn't until I finished work at 10pm that I would find out how close margin the votes had come. Ed Miliband was now the party leader thanks largely to Ed Balls and the Unions. It wasn't until Ed Balls votes were spread out that Ed Miliband had the majority he needed.

So with the Labour Party Conference in full swing David Miliband's future is still not been made public. Nobody should blame him if he chooses not work under his brother. I hope he does though. I still believe (and so do most of the MP's and members of the party since he won more votes in these two very important areas) that he is still an asset to the party. The thing all labour party members need to do now is put all of our support behind Ed Miliband. He is the future of the party. He needs us to join together. So come the next general election the man in number 10 is Mr Miliband.

So hope everyone is having a good Tuesday.

****Special thanks to Liza Harding for her tweets the last few days and months. She has been a great supporter for the Labour Party (as well as making me feel that I've been at Lab10 :) with her pics and tweets.****

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