Friday, 3 September 2010

Top 5... Pictures From My Photo Albums!

Every Friday is Top 5... day here at 'Inside My Head'. This Friday I have been looking through my personal pictures and have chosen my five favourites and why they're so special.

(Left to right: Chantelle, Me, Michelle & Lisa)
No. 1: Night out with my old work friends. Chantelle's 18th Birthday.
It was a great night one of the few nights us girls all went out together.

No. 2: Me age 3ish sat in my gran and grandads garden.
This picture I love of me. It really sums me up with biscuit crumbs around my mouth.

No. 3: Top of Tandle Hills.
I love living where I do. Not only do I live close enough to all the great shops in Manchester, I also live only a stone throw away from some great countryside views.

No. 4: The Beach in Wales from my holidays this year.
This was the view of the beach on the last day of my holiday this year. I had a great time and the view was lovely.

No. 5: My brother sat in an armchair on holiday.
My brother absolutely loved sitting in this chair reading his book with a cup of tea. Being so unbelievably English ha ha ha.

So these are 5 of my favourite pictures.


  1. I love just sitting and reading with a cup of tea! Your brother and I have that in common. And what photo album of a kid is complete without a picture of them with crumbs on their face? None. You’re adorable.

  2. This is such a good idea, I may have to do a post on it myself!! And I live somewhere similar in UK, not too far from Birmingham but have the worcester countryside 10 mins from my house! It's ace

  3. Thanks girls :) It was so hard trying to pic 5. I did pick 5 that all had me in them lol thought that might have been abot too much ;) lol.
    PrincessBeks: Thats what I love about this country :) living close to the countryside :)