Friday, 10 September 2010

Top 5... Albums I Have Listened To This Week!

Every Friday is Top 5... Friday here at 'Inside My Head'. All week I have been sharing with my 'tweeps' albums I have been listening to. Well today you will understand why. Today's Top 5... post is Albums I Have Listened To This Week!

The contenders were a varied variety. On the list I've had the following: Maroon 5, Ke$ha, Black Eyed Peas, Dashboard Confessional, Michelle Featherstone, The Script, The Killers, Katy Perry and BonJovi.

No. 1: Dashboard Confessional – A Mark, A Mission,, A Brand, A Scar.
I was first introduced to this band when there music on 'One Tree Hill' I now own all of there albums. This is my favourite one. Favourite tracks: Rapid Hope Lost, As Lovers Go, Ghost of a good thing, and Several Ways To Die Trying. Where did I listen to it: While out shopping.

No. 2: The Script – The Script.
I'm not sure how long ago it was when I first heard about this group. What I do know is that this is one of my favourite albums on my i-tunes. Favourite tracks: We Cry, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, Rusty Halo, The End Where I Begin, and I'm Yours. Where did I listen to it: On the bus home from shopping.

No. 3: Katy Perry – One Of The Boys.
I really like Katy Perrys music and this album is no exception. Favourite tracks: One Of The Boys, Hot 'n' Cold, If You Can Afford Me, Self Inflicted, and I'm Still Breathing. Where did I listen to it: In my bedroom.

No. 4: Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D (The Energy Never Dies).
This album has been one I've enjoyed for a while. I go through stages of liking the Black Eyed Peas though this album is definitely one of the better ones. Favourite tracks: I Gotta Feeling, Meet Me Half Way, Alive, and Missing You. Where did I listen to it: In the living room while helping my mum.

No. 5: Ke$ha – Animal.
I'm not sure when I was first introduced to Ke$ha I do know that I was introduced to the album by my best friend K. Favourite tracks: Your Love Is My Drug, Tiktok, Take It Off, Kiss N Tell, Blind, and Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. Where did I listen to it: Sat in the kitchen doing some work on my laptop.

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